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Professional Spray Bottle

Professional Spray Bottle


Here's a Professional Spray Bottle that's perfect for spraying water on your green sand. It's a solid design that's rugged and durable. Sprays a good amount of water with every pump. Large trigger makes pumping it easy. It holds 32 oz so you won't be having to constantly refilling it.

What It Does:

It's necessary to moisten green sand to keep it at the proper moisture level for good molding. This spray bottle delivers a lot of water with each pull of the trigger to get good coverage.

I keep my heap in condition by spraying the entire surface of the sand with the sprayer, turn the heap over with a shovel, and re-spray. This evenly distributes the water throughout the sand. Depending on how dry the sand is this process can be repeated several times. It's good to do this the day before casting to allow the moisture to diffuse thru the sand. I cover my heap with a plastic sheet when not in use to help keep in the moisture.

How To Use It:

Pre-Use: Check your sand moisture content a day or two prior to molding. To do this pick up a handful and squeeze it tight. Open your hand and see that the sand holds it's shape. Hold it in one hand and see if it will support it's weight without breaking. Now try snapping it in half to see how much force it takes to break. Repeat the process with a new handful but pull the sample apart using two hands. With experience you will be able to judge the "Green Strength" of your heap.

Another test for moisture content is to pickup and squeeze the sand as above. It should feel cool and ever so slightly damp, but no where near wet. If you feel moisture between your fingers the sand is too wet.

If the sand is too dry spray with water and mix throughly. As little as 1/4 cup of water will often bring back the strength in 100 Lbs of sand. It takes a while for the moisture to diffuse thru the sand, so wait at least a few hours before making any more adjustments to the moisture level.

If the sand is too damp spread it out and let it air dry. Re-mix and check it frequently for proper strength.

(In the lower 48 states)

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Professional Spray Bottle
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