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Helpful Information
Helpful Information for Sand Casting

Here's a list of helpful papers for sand casting

Click on the link to see the .pdf file:

Getting Started: Basics you should know about Sand Casting

Crucible Shapes: Crucible Shapes and Compositions

Fluxes and Degassers: Uses and Differences of Flux and Degas Compounds

Furnace Design Pointers: Pointers on Building a Small Foundry Furnace:

Heat Treat Furnace Plans: Here's a set of Plans from the British Blades Forum for an electric heat treat furnace. This is an electric furnace using kanthal heating elements. It can be configured to operate on 120 Vac or 240 Vac:

Know Your Scrap Aluminum: There are a lot of good sources for scrap aluminum, but not all are worth the effort. This paper will point out the differences in scrap aluminum types and what are the best sources for material to sand cast.

When To Pour: This paper can help you understand the temperature of your metal and when it is the right time to pour your molds.

Ramming Sand: A fair amount of beginners have trouble with their sand mold falling apart after ramming up the sand. This paper can help point out the problems and has good ideas on how to ram up your mold.

Heating Element Wiring Examples: Here's some information on wiring Kanthal Heating Elements.