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d. Shank, #4B, Silicon Carbide Crucible
d. Shank, #4B, Silicon Carbide Crucible
Our Price: $295.00

Product Code: 6041-S1



After the crucible is lifted from the furnace with lifting tongs the hot crucible is placed in a pouring shank. A shank is used for holding the crucible while pouring the molten metal into your prepared molds. These pouring shanks are equipped with a sliding bar that secures the crucible into the shank ring.

The tabs on the ring are adjustable to accommodate variations in the crucible size. The latch bar height can be adjusted too.

This shank is custom made to fit a #4 Silicon Carbide Bilge shape crucible. Since these tongs are custom made for this specific type and size of crucible they are not returnable. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.