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Carbon Graphite Stirring Rods, Pack of 5 Ea
Carbon Graphite Stirring Rods, Pack of 5 Ea
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These carbon graphite rods are used for stirring molten metal. They are 12" long and 1/2" in diameter. Graphite is good because it doesn't contaminate the metal, and it retards oxidation.

This material is also used to make bushings, bearings, lubrication sticks, and welding plugs. The rods are electrically conductive.

You can make an extension to hold the Carbon Rod by attaching the rod to a 1/4 inch steel rod using a couple of small hose clamps. I made my extension rod about 2 feet long. This extension helps keep your hands away from the hot molten metal when stirring in flux or degasser, or when checking to see how the melting process is coming along. This is very helpful when stirring really hot metals like brass or bronze!

Don't over tighten the clamps and be careful not to smack the rod against the crucible or furnace when using it. Also be aware that the carbon rod is electrically conductive as is the steel extension rod so don't contact anything electrically "live".

The extension rod and clamps ARE NOT INCLUDED with the carbon stirring rod.