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Budget Blend PRE-MIXED Foundry Sand, 25 Pounds
Budget Blend PRE-MIXED Foundry Sand, 25 Pounds
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Product Code: 1030-025


BCS Budget Blend TM Sand is a high quality water bonded, pre-mixed foundry sand made up of fine sharp silica sand, Southern and Western Bentonite, wood flour and water. It is used for casting all types of metals. Budget Blend Pre-Mixed Sand is READY TO USE right out of the box. Nothing else is required.

What It Does:

Budget Blend TM is a water bonded sand "Green Sand" for metal casting. This is the traditional molding sand that has been in use for thousands of years, and is still in use in most major foundries.

How To Use It:

Pre-Use: Check your sand a day or two prior to molding to check the moisture content. To do this pick up a handful and squeeze it tight. Open your hand and see that the sand holds it's shape. Hold it in one hand and see if it will support it's weight without breaking. Now shake it gently to see how much force it takes to break. Repeat the process with a new handful but pull the sample apart using two hands. With experience you will be able to judge the "Green Strength" of your heap.

Another test for moisture content is to pickup and squeeze the sand as above. It should feel cool and ever so slightly damp, but no where near wet. If you feel moisture between your fingers the sand is too wet.

If the sand is too dry add a very small amount of water and mix throughly. As little as 1/4 cup of water will often bring back the strength in 100 Lbs of sand. It takes a while for the moisture to diffuse thru the sand, so wait at least a few hours before making any more adjustments to the moisture level.

If the sand is too damp spread it out and let it air dry. Re-mix and check it frequently for proper strength.

Molding: Dust the pattern and molding board with parting dust. Riddle in the sand over the pattern and ram using moderate force. Experience will help with knowing how hard to ram. If the sand isn't rammed hard enough it may drop out of the flask. If it is rammed too hard it can become less permeable and could cause surface defects by blocking the venting of gasses thru the sand.

When pulling the pattern check for loose spots of sand around the edges. If a weak spot is found apply a little water with a fine brush and gently slick it down. Rap the pattern carefully in all directions to loosen it from the sand before pulling it out.


Green sand should be stored in a tight container. 5 Gallon plastic pails work well. It can be stored in open containers if it is covered with a plastic sheet.

Estimating Volume:
  • 100 Pounds of Budget Blend Pre-Mixed sand has a volume of approximately 2,200 cubic inches.
  • 50 Pounds of Budget Blend Pre-Mixed sand has a volume of approximately 1,100 cubic inches.
  • 25 Pounds of Budget Blend Pre-Mixed sand has a volume of approximately 550 cubic inches.
- Please note that this is an approximation of a moderately rammed material.-

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