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k. Plumbago Parting Dust, 20 Pound Bag
k. Plumbago Parting Dust, 20 Pound Bag
Our Price: $51.50

Product Code: 1060-020



This material is Plumbago Graphite dust. It is manufactured by Asbury Graphite of California, and sold as Plumbago PMB 456 to the commercial foundry industry.

What It Does:

Plumbago is a very fine carbon graphite powder used as a parting dust in high temperature foundry work. It is a slick powder that prevents sand from sticking to patterns, or to keep sand from sticking to itself at the parting line of the flask halves. It is also used as a release agent for coating steel core pins when used in aluminum castings. A graphite coating applied to a steel pin before pouring aluminum into the mold will allow the pin be driven out of the finished aluminum casting, thus leaving an accurate bore.

How To Use It:

Dust the material onto patterns, sand or core pins using an old sock or parting dust bag. Store unused Plumbago in a sealed container to keep out moisture (and to keep in the Plumbago!!!).