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h. Matrikote 90AC Ceramic Blanket Coating, Gallon Can
h. Matrikote 90AC Ceramic Blanket Coating, Gallon Can
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Product Code: 1069-GAL



  • Matrikote 90 Ceramic Coating is a versatile high temperature coating. It is used as a surface coating for ceramic fiber blankets. It binds the loose fibers of the blanket to reduce airborne fiber and blanket erosion.

  • Matrikote 90 Ceramic Coating is a low cost alternative for ITC-100 for coating ceramic blanket material such as Kaowool and BCS Blanket ¬©TM. (ITC-100 is a Trademark of International Technical Ceramics, Kaowool is a Trademark of Thermal Ceramics).

  • This material should NOT be applied over fire brick, refractory cement, or metal.

How To Use It:
  • Preparation: Prepare the surface by removing all loose and weakened fiber, debris, particles, and dust.

  • Mixing: Add 1/2 Pint water to one pint of Matrikote 90 Ceramic Coating Powder and mix well. It should have the consistancy of latex paint.

  • Applying: Material can be applied by spraying or brushing.

  • Coverage: A gallon will cover 50 to 100 square feet, and a pint will cover approximately 6 to 12 square feet.


Matrikote 90AC Over Ceramic Blanket