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b. Aluminum Casting Foundry Flux, Quart Can
b. Aluminum Casting Foundry Flux, Quart Can
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Product Code: 2008-QUART


BCS is pleased to offer Basic Resources Al-Clean 101(R) Coverflux for aluminum casting. Al-Clean 101 is a professional grade cleaning and drossing flux manufactured by Basic Resources. It promotes low metallic content in the dross (less wasted metal) and aids in keeping furnace walls clean. It has good cleaning and easy skimming properties. This flux is used in both crucible and reverb type furnaces when the temperature is in the 1250-1400 Deg F. range.

What It Does:

Flux is a necessity when using scrap material in the melt. It helps impurities and slag (crud) float to the top of the melt. It also creates a floating layer on top of the molten metal that protects the molten metal from oxidation.

When the metal has melted the dross layer is skimmed off and second application of flux is stirred in. After the second application has had time to react, the final dross is skimmed off to reveal a clean, mirror like pool of molten metal. This process will result in a better surface finish and improved material strength in your part.

Using a good flux helps to recover metal that would otherwise be stuck to the dross and lost in skimming. Can be used in hot crucibles or reverb furnaces.

How To Use It:

Only a small quantity is needed. Typical application rate is 1/2 to 1 Pound per square foot of metal melt surface area.

Apply enough flux to the cold charge prior to heating. This will provide a cover flux layer during firing to protect the metal from gas absorbtion.

Heat the charge to pouring temperature. Skim the initial dross from the melted charge and carefully stir in the remaining flux to the molten metal. A powdery reddish color dross low in metallics will result. The metal is now ready to be skimmed of final dross and poured.