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Ingot Mold, #8
Ingot Mold, #8
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An Ingot Mold is a place to pour left over molten metal after casting your part. This practice is called "Pigging Out" in the foundry business. The resulting ingots are also known as "pigs".

It is extremely important to remove the leftover molten metal from your crucible. Leaving metal to cool in the crucible can cause dangerous cracks when it's heated the next time. This is because the metal will cool and form a tight fit in the crucible. Upon reheating the metal will expand outwards and crack the crucible.

These molds make a convenient ingot to add to your crucible the next time. They are made of heavy 1/4" Welded Steel and are nicely drafted on ALL FACES for easy removal of the pig.

This #8 size will hold about 2 lbs of aluminum or 6 pounds of brass / bronze. (8" Long x 3" x 3")

How To Use It:

Simply pour any left over metal from your crucible into the ingot mold.

Be sure that the ingot mold is COMPLETELY dry before use. Any moisture present can cause a violent steam explosion which can throw molten metal out of the mold.

It is wise to place the ingot mold on a bed of sand so that any molten metal that spills will not be a problem. Remember that molten metal spilled on concrete will cause the concrete to explode!

Please NOTE that these are made to order and may take up to a week for fabrication prior to shipping.