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l. Propane Burner, 3/4"
l. Propane Burner, 3/4"
Our Price: $186.50

Product Code: 6950



The "BCS Burner"© #6950 is a 3/4 inch propane fired furnace / forge type burner. It will heat up small to medium furnaces to melting temperatures in a matter of minutes. The estimated output is about 45,000 BTU.

It's appropriate for crucible furnaces with up to a 24" inner diameter. The exact time it takes to reach melting temperatures depends on how well the furnace is insulated. Our 12" inner diameter test furnace with 2-1/2" refractory walls will go from cold to melting aluminum in a #8 crucible in 18 minutes. It will melt brass in about 32 minutes.

For forges this burner style has been used in the "Propane Cylinder" forge with good results. This forge is based on a 5 Gallon propane tank that has the ends cut off and is lined with Ceramic Blanket.

This burner is a high quality unit. Superior features include a Stainless Steel Nozzel, High quality pressure regulator, Flexible gas hose, and easily read pressure meter. The burner is factory tuned and ready to operate. Just connect it to your BBQ type propane tank and you are ready to go.

Because there are variations in the construction of furnaces and forges, mounting of the burner is left to the user. Note that this burner has no safety features that come with more expensive units, so it should be monitored during operation to prevent flame out and other dangerous situations. Since BCS has no control over the installation and use of the burner the user assumes all risk and liability for its suitability and safe operation.

NOTE: This item is built to order. Please allow up to 2 weeks before shipping.