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Pin Wire, Kanthal, 12 Feet
Pin Wire, Kanthal, 12 Feet
Our Price: $13.00

Product Code: 7129

#7129: Kanthal Pin Wire


  • Material: Kanthal A1 Wire
  • Maximum Temperature: 2300°F
  • Wire Size: .061", (14 AWG)
  • 12 Feet
  • Bare wire

This straight (uncoiled) wire is used to make "pins" to hold heating elements to the fire bricks in your furnace.

You can cut the wire to any length needed and form it into a "hair pin" shape or a "J Hook" shape. The pin is then pressed over the heating element coil and into the soft bricks. These pins help the heating element stay in the grooves with repeated heating and cooling.

The pins are un-insulated and will become electrically "hot", so don't press them in so far as to stick out the other side of the brick.